Friday, March 22, 2013

Parliament Members Speak Against Plan, Abstain From Vote

Left party member speaking against the plan, claims Europe is out to get Cyprus. Does not propose an alternative plan or course of action, states he will abstain from voting in order not to show to Europe that they are against President of Cyprus. Does not offer any political guidance or clarity.

Green party member (there is only one in parliament) is against Troika, against the plan, and states that he will also abstain from voting.

Abstaining from voting on such an issue is really quite selfish for parliament members in this case.  They don’t want to take responsibility for the outcome. When the results hurt (all of the possible outcomes will involve suffering for the people of Cyprus) abstainers can claim that it is not their fault and blame those who actually took responsibility that the people have granted them and lead the way.  By abstaining from voting today, these parliament members are trying to preserve their political futures by banking on the Cypriot people being foolish enough to think that abstaining from the vote without offering any solution means that such politicians would have created a better outcome had they been in power and then will put these abstainers in power.

A center party member just said some unclear, unfocused things and then claims he will not be in the room when the vote occurs.

Years of failing to offer solutions, failing to take responsibility, failing to have the strength to make unpopular decisions and failing to act is what drove Cyprus into its current state of bankruptcy and chaos. 

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