Sunday, March 24, 2013

 Shock, Outrage that Solidarity Plan Dated Over a Year Ago

Shock and outrage spread through parliament last night as it was discovered that the sixty-one page memorandum to raise 5.8 billion euros was not drafted this week as assumed, but over a year ago during the administration of Christofias, who exited office last month. The date of 15 January 2012 was the tip-off. The memorandum included bank restructuring.

This is solid evidence that the Christofias administration had full knowledge that its economy would collapse if such measures were not taken, and failed to act, failed to inform, burying the document, therefore driving Cyprus to the brink of a Eurozone exit,  resulting in reversion to the Cyprus pound and disorganized bankruptcy.

Now we know why Troika is acting so harshly with Cyprus. 

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