Wednesday, April 3, 2013

President's statement on Resignation of Finance Minister

President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades

The Cyprus Press and Information Office published the following English translation of the President's statement on the resignation of Sarris yesterday:

It is with sadness that I accepted today the resignation of the Minister of Finance, Mr Michalis Sarris. I want to thank Mr Sarris for his valuable services during the course of the difficult negotiations with the Troika. The negotiations were concluded today with significant successes regarding the aims that were pursued. But if there is something which I respect in particular but which I also want to extol with regard to Mr Sarris’ act of resignation, is the high political ethos and political sensitivity that he has demonstrated. The decision by Mr Sarris to submit his resignation, for reasons of political correctness, in order to facilitate the work of the Investigative Committee constitutes a phenomenon of a new approach with regard to what is happening in the Cypriot political life. For one more time I want to thank Mr Sarris warmly for the excellent cooperation we had.-2.4.2013

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