Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Footing the Bill for Cyprus: German Citizens Feel Aggrieved

Protestors in Cyprus

The streets of Nicosia, Cyprus have seen protestors holding signs deriding Germany and its chancellor. 

How do the people of Germany feel when they see such images from Cyprus?

BBC speaks to Germans at the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin, a gathering place for tourists from all over Germany, and finds that they are hurt, confused and angry when they see such images from Cyprus and Greece:

An older man said that he did not understand why Germany was blamed for trying to help, "It hurts because we think we are giving money and we try to help. This is something we don't understand" (BBC report )

Protestors in Cyprus

That sense of hurt is universal. Jan Schaefer, the economics editor of Bild, the most popular newspaper in Germany, told the BBC that pictures comparing Germany to the Nazi state were obnoxious. (BBC)

 Shaefer went on to state:

"The more that protesters compare Mrs Merkel with Adolf Hitler, the more people are going to get angry and they might say 'We might have taxes rising here in Germany because of the bailout of other countries, so why are you mad at us and compare our chancellor to Adolf Hitler?'" he said. (BBC)

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