Saturday, April 6, 2013

President, Governor of Central Bank Receive Death Threats

Letter with death threats to President and Governor of Central  Bank

The newspaper Politis received a typed letter in the Greek language addressed to the President and Governor of the Central Bank threatening to kill the two men and their families, and that grandchildren would be targeted first, if plans to levy bank accounts were followed through. 

“You have destroyed us following a very well prepared plan and you continue to destroy us showing indifference to what will become of us and our children and grandchildren.”  The letter a also states that its writer or writers will operate “from coast to coast across all Cyprus and will punish all those who brought us to this wretched state” and calls the President and Governor of the  Central Bank   "traitors to the Nation." The letter is singed by "Rescue Team of Deposits -  Sworn to  Death" and claims to have professional killers at the ready. The Ministry of Justice is investigating the crime.

How common are death threats against Cyprus' presidents? Cypriots are saying that death threats against their presidents are not common at all. Even Christofias, who had the most disastrous presidency in the history of the Republic, formerly identified, even by his own committee, as primarily responsible for the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion, the worst peacetime military accident ever recorded in Cyprus, seems to have not received death threats beyond graffiti and chanting of crowds.

This contrasts sharply to the United States in which every president in the history of the  country has received death threats. President Obama reportedly receives 30 death threats a day.

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